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We all know that being stronger makes you harder to kill but did you know that lifting weights has been shown to reduce risk of death by up to 20%! 

That’s weightlifting alone and doesn’t include the benefits of aerobic exercise and other factors.

So just lifting weights 2 plus times per week can reduce your risk of dying by 20%

A recent study in the British Medical Journal helped us demonstrate what we already instinctively knew – WEIGHTLIFTING IS GOOD FOR YOU & MOST PEOPLE NEED TO DO MORE OF IT!

This incredible study reviewed data from 99,700 people who were over middle aged and overweight.  During the 9.5 year study 28,000 people died.

The study also showed us that:

  • Survivorship was highest for people who combined weight lifting with moderate to vigorous intensity exercise, that is, exercise that increases breathing and heart rate.
  • The risk of death was 41 to 47 per cent lower among those who lifted weights in addition to meeting the recommended duration for moderate to intense exercise.
  • Combining weightlifting and aerobic [moderate and vigorous physical activity] provided more benefit than either type of exercise alone,
  • Several factors such as BMI, education level, whether the person smokes or not, race and ethnicity did not change the report’s findings. But gender did. The association between regular weight training and lower risk of death was stronger among women.

Weightlifting has myriad health benefits that extend beyond burning fat. Training with weights improves bone strength, wards off cardiovascular disease, helps control blood sugar levels, and bolsters mental health. 

Training at a gym like StrongBox can also help improve mental health as you make human relationships which is critically important in today’s digital age

Never forget that aside from these health benefits consistent weightlifting is associated with other improvements, including functional strength gains and improved musculo-skeletal health.  This means you can do the things you want to do safer and longer.

For you and for your family – lift weights and get breathless at a minimum 3 times per week.  

Don’t feel like doing it alone?  Then come and see us!

Train better, train SBX

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