We Changed the Way Qatar Trained

Up until the start of 2013, if you wanted to get fit, your only option was to go to a plain old gym, do plain old workouts, and get the same plain old results as everyone else.

And then we opened Qatar’s first-ever CrossFit gym and revolutionised the way everyone trained, helping people reach levels of fitness they never dreamed possible.

Fast forward to today and that CrossFit gym has grown into the premiere functional fitness training centre we all know and love.

We’ve Got Everything You Need to Succeed

Our massive 1,200M2 premiere facility at Doha Sports Park has all the space and equipment you need to lift, run, jump, and do anything else you need to build the skills and athleticism required for conquering life outside the gym.

And, on top of our highly successful CrossFit classes, we’ve also added our own line of science-backed, battle-tested training programs to the mix to help you develop elite-level all-around fitness regardless of your current fitness level.

Why You’ll Love Training With Us

Quick But Intense Training Sessions

Why spend hours upon hours in the gym when you can get the same results from much shorter sessions?

World-Class Coaching

Train only with the best, most accomplished coaches around.

Functional Training

Be strong and fit enough for whatever physical challenges life throws at you.

Countless Programs To Choose From

Train however you want with our extensive range of workout programs.

Fitness For Everyone

It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or a pro athlete, we’ll scale every workout right to your level.

Unpredictable Workouts

Forget doing the same boring workouts over and over again. There’s always something new to look forward to at StrongBox.

Proven Results

Just check out our many success stories.

Friendly Community

Always have a group of like-minded individuals around to challenge and cheer you on.

Massive Training Space

Go all out without fear of hitting the people around you. Our gym is so spacious, it even has a dedicated area just for running.

Meet The Strongbox Qatar Team

Tim Nunan


The man responsible for bringing group fitness to Qatar with Bootcamp Qatar in 2009, Tim opened Qatar’s first-ever CrossFit gym in 2013 in an old squash court.

That humble CrossFit gym would later evolve into the StrongBox MEGAGYM people know and love.

Greg McClure

Head Coach

Greg holds national titles in indoor rowing and numerous CrossFit and weightlifting titles from his five years of competing across the UK and Europe.

Before moving to Qatar in 2019, the Scotland native has used his extensive fitness knowledge and experience coaching in the US and Europe for nine years.

Jorge Corvo

Senior Coach

A sports science graduate and life-long sportsman, gifted gymnast Jorge is the 2009 Spanish National Acrobatic Gymnastics champion.

He specialises in CrossFit, gymnastics, and bodyweight training and is passionate about “helping people to change their lives and smash their goals.”

Jack Storer


Studied for a degree in Strength and Conditioning at St Mary’s college in London and is now a nationally ranked physique and bodybuilding competitor. A level 3 personal trainer with expertise in physique transformation and functional fitness and skilled at translating technical models of training into easily understood , structured programming. Jack is inspired and motivated by helping his clients share his love of fitness